Welcome to Taylored Office Solutions, Inc.!

Taylored Office Solutions, Inc.  is located in beautiful, rugged northern Idaho and serves small business owners and individual  with their bookkeeping and budget needs.

Lanel Taylor, the owner, since 2002, of Taylored Office Solutions, Inc, is a numbers geek who likes to take the fear out of finance. A huge advocate for taking control of your money, Lanel helps her clients review their finances and create livable budgets for their business and personal lives. Lanel also utilizes her experiences as an entrepreneur to help other small business owners succeed in their businesses.

Business was brisk, thanks to Lanel’s attention to detail and excellent customer service, and Taylored Office Solutions, Inc. soon became a full-time job. Thanks to the unique virtual set-up, utilizing telephones, faxes, the Internet, email, instant messaging, and other technology, Taylored Office Solutions, Inc. is able to assist clients anywhere in the world in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Can Taylored Office Solutions, Inc. help you grow your business? Definitely! Check out available services here or contact Lanel directly for more information.