Nov 022011

I work with a lot of CPAs in my bookkeeping work. As a general rule of thumb I work WITH them and they work with me. We are a team for our client and, I think, that makes us an asset to the client’s team. I am knowledgable on bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes therefore I often spot things before the CPA has a chance to see them. I’m in my clients books regularly and many of the CPAs I work with come to rely on me to assist them in watching for things they need to look at.

I pride myself on the fact that I care about my client’s businesses and assist in any way I can to make them a success. If I see an area where they may save tax dollars (legally) or alleviate a possible problem or even save money I will let them know. (Heck, what business owner doesnt want more money in THEIR pocket?!?!) I consider that my job.

Recently I got a new client whose books were a disaster. The client knew they needed help and got it. I did my thing and their books look amazing now. There were a couple areas that I recommended they speak to their CPA to make sure they were on track, it is the fourth quarter and nows the time to double check things for the end of the year. So, the client did. Unfortunately, the client’s CPA told them my bookkeeping was “too precise” and that I “cared too much”, as though that’s a bad thing.

If my caring and wanting clean books is a bad thing then so be it. But, I have many (MANY) clients who hire me, keep me around, and refer me to people they know BECAUSE I care and keep precise, clean books.

So, a warning to all clients, potential clients, and wanna be potential clients: I care about your business, I care about you and your success, and I strive to give you clean, accurate and precise books. And no, I won’t apologize for that. And CPAs, I refer clients to you based on how you treat me and my clients, I expect caring and precision from you too.

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